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Beauty from Waste

You may have seen our claim that we make products from "rescued waste". What does that mean?

We consider waste as something discarded. This could be fabric from used clothing and household goods, or even new fabrics that others have discarded. New fabrics can come from leftover projects of the home sewer, quilter, and other hobbyist or from deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabric is surplus fabric from fashion brands or textile mills. See this article about the pros and cons related to use of deadstock fabric.

At Park + Coop we believe the best waste is the previously used stuff. When we reuse, we give new life to discarded products, reducing items destined for landfill. We look for every opportunity to make our products from previously used textiles. It requires a lot of extra labor over using new materials, but it is a labor of love that stems from a desire to make a difference.

When products require specific fabric for form or function that we cannot source from used textiles we supplement with deadstock fabric whenever possible, rather than buying new. We try to keep all of our products to >80% rescued waste and are always looking for creative ways to use even more.

We'd love to have you join us in the fight against textile waste. We think it's going to be a beautiful thing.

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