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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

If your product has any defects at any time we will replace it free of charge. If you want to exchange your product for any other reason (different size, different design) within 1 year from date of purchase we will replace it free of charge. If you wish to return your product for any reason within 1 year from date of purchase we will refund you for the product minus any shipping fees.  ​To exchange or return, please email with your order number.

How can I safely launder my product?

All of our products can be machine washed and then tumbled dry on low heat or hanged dry. We recommend removing any straps before machine washing and hand washing straps in warm soapy water. If ironing is needed, iron the denim on the cotton setting with steam. Iron any embroidery or decorative elements with a lower heat. Do not use bleach on your denim products.

How do the straps and snaps work?

We chose to use snaps or clips on our kid's aprons instead of ties because my kids could never tie aprons by themselves. They weren't good at tying the apron in the back and often the apron would come untied. ​There are two types of straps. The classic denim straps with snaps are meant to crisscross in the back and snap at the waist in any one of the three positions. The snaps at the waist are color coordinated with the opposite strap so children can tell if they have it snapped properly. The second type of strap criss crosses in the back and clips at the top like overalls. The strap is adjustible.

How do you sanitize the materials?

We launder all rescued materials with eco-friendly laundry soap using high heat for both washing and drying. The 35 minutes of high heat on the dryer cycle serves to kill most germs and other unmentionables. This also helps to pre-shrink some fabrics so the decorative elements will stand up to machine washing at home.

Can you make a custom piece from my own garments or fabric?

If you have a special pair of jeans that you want us to repurpose for your product we can likely accommodate your request. Email with the details of your request.

Is the product organic?

Our denim apron is made from all kinds of rescued waste material, much of it likely not organic. However, buying a recycled product that requires little to no processing preserves more of our natural resources than buying new, organic materials and reduces waste. We call that a win!

What size should I get?

In general, the mini apron will fit (but be long) on a toddler and fit most children six and under. One of our young models was 20 months old and he was about 32" tall. The apron went down to mid shin. On our three-year-old model the apron came down just below her knees and on our five-year-old model the apron came to just above her knee. Straps are adjustable. Our youth apron will generally fit 6-12 year olds. The large and extra sizes are typically 12+ years and your height and waist sizes will dictate which is best for you. ​Mini - approx. 20-23" tall x 12-16" wide across the front, adjustable fit around back and waist Youth - approx  26-29" tall x 13-18" wide across the front, adjustable fit around back and waist

Where do the materials come from?

We tap into relationships with local donation centers to take garments they cannot sell or use such as garments with missing buttons, broken zippers, small stains (which we can cut out), or unwanted garments, like granny’s elastic-waisted jeans. We purchase jeans as well as deadstock fabric on the local post-consumer market. We also receive personal donations from friends and family that think what we’re doing is cool and want to help.

I have used clothing. Can you take it?

If you have large quantities of denim or deadstock fabric, we may be able to take it off your hands (if it is practical to get it to us). Contact with the details of your materials and general location.

What goes into the price?

Processing rescued waste materials requires extra labor for sourcing, sorting, washing, and cutting that typical manufacturing using new fabric doesn’t require. Using domestic labor and paying living wages also adds to our cost. By buying Park + Coop products, you’re supporting domestic jobs and the waste-reduction movement.

What do you do with the material you don't use?

Whole garments we receive and do not use are donated. When we cut garments, there are leftover scrap pieces that we cannot use such as those with stains, worn fabric, etc. We cut off the buttons, snaps, zippers, and other hard elements from leftover fabric scraps to save as much as possible for fill. The fill is useful for homemade pet beds, archery targets, boxing bags, crafts, and more. We are continually on the lookout for creative ways to minimize our waste.


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