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We are proud to partner with these amazing organizations.



Started by a father and son in Seattle, this awesome company now serves over eight cities, picking up the items that regular recycling services don't take and finding responsible outlets (like Park + Coop!) for them so they can get recycled or reused. Learn more about our partnership and how you can subscribe.

Retold Recycling

You may have seen this company on Shark Tank where they made a deal with Mark Cuban. With Retold you can subscribe or do a one-time purchase of a Retold bag. Then you fill it with any textiles (clothes, curtains, tablecloths and yep, even old underwear) and mail it. They'll make sure the contents don't end up in a landfill but instead will get to thrift stores, down-cyclers, or up-cyclers like us! (But don't worry - we don't take underwear). No more of that bag sitting by your door until you can make it to the local donation center. Check them out!


Reuse Minnesota

This non-profit organization shares our mission to lead a movement shared on the principles of reuse, which extends the life of resources and decreases demand for new production. Park + Coop is excited to be a Reuse Minnesota member.


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